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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Welcome to Launchpad! We are a community-driven platform founded by entrepreneurs, with a singular purpose: to empower and enable fellow entrepreneurs in building businesses that make a lasting impact on people, societies, and communities.

At Launchpad, we believe that entrepreneurship is not just about personal success but also about creating positive change. We are committed to fostering a culture where businesses not only thrive financially but also contribute to the greater good. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs who share our vision of empowering people and transforming societies.

Through our comprehensive resources, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities, we provide the tools and support necessary for entrepreneurs to build successful businesses that make a difference. We encourage our members to give back to social causes and communities, understanding that true success lies in creating a positive ripple effect.

One of our core values is the focus on building multi-generational wealth. We understand the significance of leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. By promoting sustainable entrepreneurship, we aim to create businesses that not only benefit current entrepreneurs but also provide opportunities for future entrepreneurs to continue the cycle of success and impact.

Join us at Launchpad and become part of a connected living community of passionate entrepreneurs. Together, we can unleash our collective potential, inspire innovation, and create a better future for all. Let's build businesses that empower, transform, and leave a lasting positive impact for generations to come.


The founders being involved in numerous start-ups identified the need  and that has been though the storms of businesses and life founded Luanchpad from a deep understanding and experience  studying at the University of Life.

That SA and the world needs a entrepreneurs platform that understands the need of entrepreneur and supports entrepreneur from consulting to key  services and funding and developing and scaling his/ her businesses

Our Team.

The team consist out of members who have a passion to help people and to live out their purposes in helping businesses. 

Our Logo


The logo's five elements symbolize the five essential pillars in our society: the private sector, schools and churches, NPOs and NGOs, government, and entrepreneurs.


These pillars must unite and establish connections, much like the interconnected roots of a redwood tree, allowing the exchange of nutrients. It is through this unity that they can realize their collective strength, leading us to revive, grow, and thrive as communities once again.


As trust is built and bridges are formed between these pillars, the understanding of their interdependence and mutual reliance becomes apparent. They must support one another to facilitate community transformation and create a safer, more secure, and sustainable environment for both individuals and the nation.


In both South Africa and the global context, the need for substantial solutions is evident. By joining hands and working together, we firmly believe that we can contribute to making the world a better place to live, work, and conduct business.


The three redwood trees logo symbolizes the concepts of live, grow, and thrive. Each tree represents one of these ideas, and together they convey a message of vitality, progress, and resilience. Here's a more detailed explanation of each symbol:

1. Live: The first redwood tree in the logo represents "live." It symbolizes life, vitality, and being present in the moment. Redwood trees are known for their longevity and can live for hundreds, even thousands, of years. They have a majestic presence and serve as a reminder to embrace life and appreciate its beauty.

2. Grow: The second redwood tree in the logo represents "grow." It embodies the idea of continuous improvement, development, and expansion. Redwoods are known for their impressive vertical growth, reaching great heights over time. They start as small saplings and gradually grow into towering giants. This tree symbolizes the importance of learning, evolving, and embracing new experiences. It encourages individuals and organizations to pursue growth, expand their knowledge and skills, and constantly strive for progress.

Together, the three redwood trees in the logo form a powerful symbol of vitality, resilience, and personal and professional development. It serves as a reminder to live fully, thrive in challenging circumstances, and continually grow and improve.

3. Thrive: The third redwood tree in the logo represents "thrive." It signifies growth, prosperity, and flourishing. Redwoods are resilient and have the ability to thrive in challenging environments. Their towering presence and ability to withstand storms and fires symbolize resilience and the capacity to overcome obstacles. This tree serves as a reminder to strive for personal and professional growth, to adapt to change, and to prosper even in difficult circumstances.

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